Entering our stores, you'll immediately notice our elegance.

It's not something you see every day in a gift and collectible pen shop, we know, but it's our style: polished, professional, and refined.

Elegance is inherent in our DNA, as is our innate availability. Looking for something special? Perhaps a limited edition Montblanc pen? We're here for you, to advise you and try to satisfy your needs.

That's how we are, both online and offline. We love our work so much that it's become a part of us.

Our Story

To tell you how the first Sanguineti store was born, we have to go back a few years, precisely to 1987, when Gabriele - the founder - took over a stationery store that had been open for some time.

Yes, the first Sanguineti store was a simple stationery store, but over the years, things changed.

Gabriele had big aspirations and a particular passion: Montblanc pens and high-quality gift items.

The excitement he felt (and still feels) when writing with a Montblanc pen, he never experienced with any other. A deep love, one that makes you feel important and from which you cannot stray.

So, from a simple stationery store, the Sanguineti shop gradually transformed into a gift shop, where Montblanc, Spalding & Bros, Moleskine, Secrid, Primaclasse, and many other prestigious brands found their ideal home.

From a single store, two more were born here in Genoa, and finally, here we are, with our online shop where, just like in person, there's certainly no lack of class.

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