About us

SANGUINETI Shop Online is an online sales site for gift items and limited editions that is part of four stores managed by Gabriele Benna and located in the city of Genoa. Your purchases and emails are managed directly from the store "SANGUINETI - The gift since 1934" of Via XX September 108r in Genoa. For any information or in-depth information about your purchase you can contact us or visit us in the store. One of our collaborators, as soon as it is available, will be able to give you all the information you need to finish your online purchase.


That of "SANGUINETI - The gift since 1934" is one of the historical names of Genoese life. Since 1934, the store has been a strong point of reference for all fans of writing instruments and for collectors of this type of precious objects. But "SANGUINETI - The gift since 1934", is not only writing items: in our stores you can find a wide assortment of gift items, bags, leather goods, desk services, etc. of the most prestigious brands.